More no essay scholarships options and tips to stop making mistakes

Americans have been witnessing a steady rise in their cost of education. Studies have indicated that during the period 2008 to 2010, the tuition fees at a public university had risen by 15%. Again from 2011 to 2012, the cost has risen by 4.8%. Thus the demand for scholarships among American and Non-American students is high. When applying for a scholarship you would need to write an essay. But students have a lot of activities to complete and this would include undertaking a part time job. Therefore some students dislike this feature and thus opt for the No Essay Scholarships. Below we have discussed some good options to help you out.


If you hate writing essays, then you must visit the website of College-Prowler. The scholarship amount is $2000 and you would need to add your name among the contender list. Then the website selects a winner every month. The technique is simple. Every month you would need to sign up for the scholarship and once you have won a scholarship, you should never apply for one again.

No Essay Scholarships


Sussle-Scholarship offers $500 to a student. Here the student would simply just need to share information regarding the scholarships in its various social media tools like Twitter or Facebook. Then the team of judges goes through various posts and awards the student with the most interesting article the no scholarship essay amount of $500.

The Common Knowledge Scholarship-Foundation

The website of Common Knowledge Scholarship-Foundation has detailed data regarding scholarships where the students do not need to write an essay. However the application procedure for these scholarships is different from other websites. Thus you need to be careful and then follow the criteria required.

Few Mistakes Students from Abroad Make When Applying for scholarships which do not require you to write an essay

1.    When you are a student who is new to the country, you have to make a realistic estimate of your monthly expenses. Apart from your educational fees, you would need to consider expenses like boarding, good and even travel expenses. Planning in advance and using scholarships which do not need you to write an essay, could be an effective solution.

2.    Following the eligibility criteria for scholarship programs which do not need you to write an essay is mandatory. For example there could be a number of these scholarship programs which might just be for American citizens only. If you add your application, you application will not be accepted. Another essential factor which you have to understand is the educational criteria. Some countries have educational levels which is different from the educational model used in USA. It is essential that you seek expert advice here.

3.     Before you visit USA and apply for scholarships which do not require you to write an essay, you need to have a great network. Once you are travelling to the country, you can connect with other students and get information that you would need. In fact there are many student bodies which would help you out. Here it is essential that you are proactive.

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