No Essay Scholarships

NCES or the National Center for Education-Statistics had estimated that around 1.8 million American students would graduate in 2013 and most of them would have supported their education by using student loans or personal funds. Student loans are quite different from scholarships or grants. A student has to pay up his student loan over a period of time. However it should be mentioned that scholarships are based on the academic merits of the student. Grants are given to students who come from lower income group and have good academic records. The US Department of Education sanctions $46 billion dollars annually for grants and scholarship. A small percentage of this amount is reserved for scholarships which are given to students and here they do not have to write any essays to qualify.

What is this scholarship all about?

Many students do not like writing an essay. This organization offers the No Essay Scholarships feature and this helps them to use the financial aid associated with it. In most cases these scholarships can be easily accessed by the students and they should understand the eligibility criteria well.

No Essay Scholarships

Who provides these scholarships?

Few of the organizations who provide scholarships in USA to students are as follows- allows students to undertake extensive search when they are looking at scholarships where they would not need to write an essay to qualify. Here these scholarships are categorized on the bases of their career objectives, the major subject they have undertaken and also their varied other interests. The scholarship amount can be as much as $2000 a year. One of the factors that you might understand is that when you are using these scholarships from consistently, the company could use your personal data and also share it with a third party. However this step is taken so that you get admission to the best educational institution. Here you can allow or stop the company from sharing your personal data. These scholarships are in huge demand and the company specifies that one person is only eligible for a single scholarship. Experts from the company advise the students to apply for maximum number of scholarships. This would help them to create a better hit rate.

If you do not like sharing your personal data, then you could visit the The has an exhaustive 2.2 million database and you could also match your unique profile with various scholarships offered. also offers various informative books like how to study for SAT, how to get financial aids and how to get admitted into the right college. It also gets money from advertisers who advertised on the website and attract students.  It is important that you understand that does not offer any scholarships, but it would direct you to websites and companies which offer you scholarships where you do not need to write an essay.

When you are looking at No Essay Scholarships, you would need to create an account at and then look for various scholarships and educational institutional data. If you are open to sharing your personal data with a third party, Cappex would provide you with the CappexCash Monthly-Scholarship. Here you could earn $1000 by just simply creating an account and completing your detailed profile online. Apart from this, Cappex also maintains a list of database which helps you to get data regarding various scholarship details.  Once you have created your account, you would have an organized scholarship data waiting for you and this would be based on your background.

Students visiting can easily win scholarships and they do not have to write any essays. The main activity which they need to undertake is participate in various online surveys held in the website, play games and read blogs too. If you love surfing the internet and doing various online activities, then you can win some great scholarship amounts. Experts from would advise aspiring students to do the following things which are:

•    Participate in extensive amount of online activities. When you participate you would earn points.

•    Then you would use these points wisely.